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Meet the Board


Marc Lavoie - Owner of Speedy Dog, LLC. Speedy Dog is an entity organized to provide, in part, resource management for partnering entities. Marc is also the Financial Manager of Second Star to the Right Children’s Books.  Marc also served as an elementary school teacher in Colorado.


Dea Lavoie - Former elementary school teacher in Colorado. Dea opened is owner of Second Star to the Right Children’s Book in Denver, Colorado. This successful retail operation opened in 2014 and thrives in the Platt Park neighborhood.


Evin Moore - Evin Moore is a Sr. Marketing Manager for Charles Schwab, with over a decade of financial services experience. He is also the founder of Burning Through Pages and sits on the board of Kids At Their Best, a rural youth enrichment and feeding program. Evin also spends his time doing no-cost nonprofit and small business consulting around the state.

Outside of his professional and volunteer life, Evin spends time with his two young children (Penelope and Ronan), and taking daily walks with his best friend, who also happens to be a dog. When there isn’t a pandemic, you can often find him reading at various coffee shops and restaurants around Denver – his favorite pastime.

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